Zamakerr Clothing Co. – 1st Blog Post – Happy Reading!! Happy Shopping!! Tons of Savings!!

Girl Clothing StoreWe are so excited about our first blog posting.  It is about time!! There are tons of plans for this section of the store but first off I am quite sure you would like to know a little about me, us but further more the who, the why, the what, and the how about this blog. 🙂

Zamakerr Clothing Co. is a husband and wife owned clothing company.  We were both born and raised on the beautiful CARIBBEAN island of St.Thomas United States Virgin Islands. We moved to California in 2006, seeking more to life and adventure. Not quite sure if we found it yet! 🙂  We have three little girls ages 5, 6, and 3 years of age. So if you think we don’t know about the dramatics of little girls and how expensive they can be; you are so wrong!! Their tastes is more than what the pocket is comfortable with but anyways you gotta love them.

Girls your 15 minutes of fame is up! 🙂

We operate and sell our product line in various online venues. We strive to make our fabric combinations unique and appealing to all moms. Thus not forgetting to keep our clothing affordable with superior quality throughout the design phase.

This blog will not only be about girls clothing but it will cover TONS of topics related to mom and their springing fashionista to the darnest things our little ones say.

I have always wanted to add a blog to socialize with other moms like myself and here it is;  in full effect.

All readers please feel welcome to leave your comments or feedback but let us be respectful of other readers even in disagreement.

Also note that many times blog posting will include 15% – 45% off coupons code; so keeping reading and checking back for more.

Don’t forget to tweet or like us on Facebook using the tabs under the blog posting.

Participation will definitely be beneficial!! Hint 🙂

Happy Reading!! Happy Shopping!! Happy Parenting!!

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  1. Krystal D. says:

    Zamakerr made an outfit for my dd. It is absolutely adorable and great quality. I highly recommend their outfits, they are so cute! :0)

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